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        If you are experiencing any problems or have any concerns with your exhaust system, our fully trained exhaust specialists will be happy to carry out a comprehensive inspection – completely free of charge!

        We have thousands of exhausts in stock, and what we don’t have on our shelves we can get for you the same day. And for extra peace of mind, all of our exhausts including full and part exhaust systems are GUARANTEED FOR UP TO THREE YEARS.

        At Wessex, we are committed to keeping your costs as low as possible and continually price check against our competitors to ensure we remain the most competitive in the industry.

        Identifying problems

        If you notice any of the following you should have your exhaust checked by an expert to find out whether any components need replacing;


        • Rattling – a rattling noise may indicate loose brackets holding the system in place
        • Roaring – a roaring noise could be a potential problem with the silencer
        • Hissing or popping – this could be a sign that the muffler or one of the pipes is leaking


        • Blue smoke – this could indicate a fault in the engine which is putting burnt oil into the exhaust system and resulting in blue smoke
        • White smoke – white smoke when first started is normal. If it continues, this could be due to an internal coolant leak and the white smoke is the result of burning antifreeze. If there are no water leaks underneath your car it could be a leaking head gasket or a crack in the engine.

        Visual Appearance

        • Rust or corrosion on the pipe as well as cracks, especially where the pipes connect could indicate a problem.

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