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        At Wessex we offer three different types of car service; a Manufacturer, an Essential and a Value service. There are unique benefits for each of these, and they’re priced in a way to cater for various budget

        Manufacturer’s service

        Wessex represent a wide selection of vehicle manufacturers across our dealerships.

        A manufacturer’s scheduled service follows the exact guidelines issued by the manufacturer of your vehicle when they designed and built it. We’ll always recommend a manufacturer service to help protect and maximise the resale value of your vehicle. Service intervals will vary by different manufacturer and include different checks on items and parts based on the age and mileage of your vehicle.

        Essential Service

        At Wessex an Essential Service follows the same service items and checks as a manufacturer’s service but using Wessex quality approved parts, instead of genuine manufacturer parts. This is our mid price servicing option which, if you are working to a budget will help bring the overall price of your service down.

        Our Essential Service represents excellent value for money whilst not compromising on quality.

        Value Service

        If your vehicle is over 5 years old, our Value service may be just what you’re looking for. With prices starting from £159 it’s an affordable, worry-free servicing option to care for your vehicle and is available for any make or model.

        The service includes engine oil change, an oil filter and a comprehensive vehicle health check report.

        What’s more you can be assured that all work is carried out by one of our trained technicians, only using genuine approved parts.


        Why Should I Service My Car?

        Servicing your car isn’t a legal requirement like an MOT, however there are many financial and safety benefits to having it done. If you want to maintain your car’s value and increase its lifespan on the road, it’s highly recommended that you service it regularly – here are some of other reasons why you should get your car serviced.

        • Reduction of engine wear as a result of a regular oil change and oil filter change
        • Helps to improve the car’s fuel economy
        • Maintains the standards of the vehicles brakes and tyres
        • Lowers the chance of a breakdown
        • Maintains the car’s safety level
        • Resale value increases when sold with a full service history